Marianna Simnett : Worst Gift

Director: Marianna Simnett
DoP: Ben Marshall

Matt's Gallery, London: 6th September - 22nd October 2017
New Museum, New York: 4th September - 6th January 2019
MMK, Frankfurt: 27th October 2018 - 6th January 2019
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane:  22nd February - 22nd August 2020

Press Information:

"Comprising video, liquid, light and sound, Worst Gift continues Simnett’s ongoing exploration of female subjectivity and bodily integrity as they relate to the power dynamics of the medical profession.
Worst Gift is set in an alternate world in which a voice surgeon (played by real-life surgeon and singer Dr Declan Costello) injects prepubescent boys with a substance to lower their voices. Shot in a Botox factory and theatrical surgery, the film follows a female protagonist (played by the artist) as she ventures on a mission to obtain the substance refused to her by the surgeon."